February 2019 Board Update

This first month of the New Year has already come and gone with little notice, except for maybe the recent string of bitter cold weather followed by hefty amount of snow. How much quicker time passes when we are busy never fails to be a surprise when looking back. Not too long ago, many of us were gathered with our families, celebrating the Holiday season and, in what seems like an instant, it’s already February. Nevertheless, Happy New Year from all of us on the Superior Young Professionals Board – we hope it’s been a good start so far.

With the new year, comes a new Board. This is not to say we don’t appreciate the time and effort from past Board members; without them SYP would not have made it this far. But the addition of new Board Members, comes new ideas, new perspectives, and new life to continue to grow the SYP community into a Superior staple.

Just a few weeks ago, the Board met for our Annual Planning Meeting – our kick off to 2019! In this meeting, we took a hard look at what was successful in the past and what we could do differently for the future. The Board has set an intention for the 2019 events that we hope will better reflect the original Mission and Vision statements drafted in 2011.

That being the case, we are looking forward to the multitude of events and gatherings we are planning for the year. Keep an eye out for Golf Event in May and the ever-popular Murder Mystery in October. (PS, we are starting to think of this year’s theme. Comment with your favorite to help us out!) Keep an eye on the calendar and our Facebook page for new events and updates, but more importantly, let us know what events you’d like to see. Send us an email, leave a comment, or send a message on Facebook – we’d love to hear from you.

We are thrilled to keep the energy flowing forward for the year, and cannot wait for you all to join us in enriching, building up, and growing our city on the Lake!

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